Our History

LLSA was formed in 2020 by members of Legally Law (Pty) Ltd (Legally Law). Legally Law is an accredited private legal training institution that had its birth with the advent of COVID-19 in 2020. They encountered a shortage of mentors for new and aspirant advocates looking to enter the legal profession. It was found that existing advocates are reluctant to assist these new entrants to gain access to the legal profession.

Although the new association bears partly the same name as Legally Law, they are completely independent entities. Legally Law does provide financial support to LLSA as there is a mutual understanding in terms of the development of the legal profession.

The two entities have now joined forces to eliminate the bias against advocates whom embraces the times of change and to develop the profession.

We implore independent advocates that find themselves desolate to join our association as membership is absolutely free.

LLSA also provides training in various disciplines of the law in collaboration with Legally Law. Development of our members are considered paramount and voluntary.


We are a society of referral and trust account advocates (hold fidelity fund certificates).

Our vision is to create an environment that promote mutual empowerment by sharing knowledge, skills and resources. Together we endeavour to promote justice and create a platform of legal practitioners that will provide legal services without fear or favour.

All members are considered equal in the society with the necessary respect for each other.

Members are to uphold the society's constitution and the rule of law.


Advocates with the necessary knowledge and skills will assist in promoting and mentoring aspirant advocates.

We have strong values in promoting pupillage without limitation and favour.


Currently we offer free membership to our members.

Our society accepts pupil memberships where a pupil has a registered contract with a mentor and busy or have completed the compulsory coursework training underwritten by the LPC. The mentorship contract must be registered with the LPC and the structured coursework training must be or have been attended/completed at an accredited training services provider of the LPC.

Upon being admitted as an advocate, then such pupil member is able to obtain full membership of the society. Such membership will be subject to acceptance by the society's executive board as prescribed by the society's Constitution.


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Advocates that serve without fear or favour


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